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Looking to buy a new watch to match your new outfit you purchased for that special occasion? If you are, then you can consider buying replica watches. Watches are a status symbol of today and a high quality watch can make a very big difference socially and at the same time provide utmost functionality. Since designer watches are really costly and cannot be afforded by the average people, there are many watch companies which have started to produce replicas of these designer brands. Replica watches give fashion conscious people a chance to own a reliable timepiece that is characterized by distinctive design and high quality. These watches are expensive looking, but are available at really affordable rates.

Replica watches price varies depending on the grade of the watch. Most people are not aware of this fact so let us find out what are the grades that are available and what is the price range of these grades.

1. Chinese made replica watches - firstly, we have the Chinese made replica watches. The maximum price that you can expect to pay for a Chinese made replica watch is $120. These watches are made from sub standard materials including alloy. This grade of watches bend quickly, tarnishes and is also extremely vulnerable to scratching. The quality of these watches is not satisfactory since they are made from cheap materials and they often cause problems for the people wearing them. These are not a reliable grade of watches and a large number of people have found that they are not satisfied with Chinese made replicas.

2. Japanese made replicas - the price range of this grade of watches vary and are also more expensive than the Chinese grade. You can buy a Japanese made replica for as much as $240 that is double the price of the Chinese grade because these are made from fine materials including stainless steel. These are made quite accurately and have fewer defects.

3. Swiss made replicas - the top grade of replica watches are Swiss manufactured. The price of watches even go up to $1000 and these are generally made from high quality material. Precious and semi precious materials such as diamond and gold are also often used to embellish these pieces. These are very close in look, feel, design and quality to the original designer watches. In fact, most of the watchmakers will not even be able to guess the difference between Swiss made replicas and original designer watches.

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